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YLI Club House - 1400 27th Street (corner of 27th and N Street)

Monthly Party

June 4, 2022

Live Music!


Trip to Gretna Green 8x32J3 Collected by BL Barnes
Andrew’s Dance 8x32 R3 Andrew, Mills Harbour City
Hello-Goodbye 8x32S3 RSCDS Bk 51/6
St. Andrew’s Fair 8x32J3 Goldring, 5 SCDS
Scarborough Castle 8x32S3 Leeds Golden Collection
Mairie’s Wedding 8x40R3 Cosh, 22 SCD (30 Pop D,V2)
The Laird of Milton’s Daughter  8x32J3 RSCDS Bk 22/10
Bruce’s Men 3x32S3cpl set Goldring, Scotia Suite
Joie de Vivre 8x32J3 RSCDS Bk 39/2
Reeling In the Annex 8x32S2 Tang, Leaflet 
Catch the Wind 8x32R(H)3 RSCDS Bk 45/5
Tine’s Jig 8x32J3 Brunken, Moments in Time
May Yarker’s Strathspey 8x32S3 RSCDS Bk 42/5
Round Reel of 8 4x32R Sq set RSCDS Bk 27/7
Gramachie 8x32S3 MMM I
The Reel of the Royal Scots 8x32R3 Goldring,RSCDS Leaflets/27





For more information on Classes - see Class Schedules.

 San Francisco Branch Events-- The many special events and monthly  parties that the San Francisco Branch holds are a source of a lot of fun and great dancing. Their listing now includes a schedule of the monthly parties, the RSCDS-SF Weekend Workshop at Asilomar. They have a very nice web page so please click on the following link to the San Francisco Branch web site, then click on their Events link.


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