Sacramento Branch Spring Ball and Workshop

Marjorie McLaughlin

May 20, 2017

CLARA (New Location)

The E. Claire Raley Studios for the Performing Arts

2420 N St
Sacramento, CA 95816


 Our Event will be held Saturday, May 20, 2017, Workshop 10:30am , Ball 7:00pm

Workshop Ball Application


This years Workshop Teacher:

Marjorie McLaughlin

Marjorie was born in Glasgow and first learned Scottish Country Dancing in school in Scotland.  After her family immigrated to the United States her father, Tom Easton, began a SCD class in Cleveland, Ohio and she danced in that class throughout her teen years.  Her mother, Kitty Easton, also influenced her love of Scottish Country dancing and was known to many as a delightful and inspiring dance partner.

In 1973, after moving to California, Marjorie became a member of the San Francisco Branch and served in various capacities on the Branch Committee and as Chair of the Asilomar Weekend.  She took her Preliminary Certificate in 1985 and earned her Teacher's Certificate at St. Andrews, Scotland in 1987.

                In January of 1992 she married a fellow dancer, Richard McLaughlin, and moved to San Diego where she teaches for the San Diego Branch. She maintains an active interest in the Teachers' Association of Canada and chaired the local arrangements committee when TAC held its AGM in San Francisco in August 1991.  From 1998 to 2003 she was editor of the TAC newsletter, TACTalk.

                She has had the pleasure of teaching workshops in Branches throughout North America, Europe and Asia and enjoys the opportunity to teach, and to learn from, dancers in other areas.  She lectured on SCD history as part of the celebration of the Tokyo Branch's 10th Anniversary and traveled to New Zealand to teach at that Branch's Labour Weekend Workshop. Her dance travels have also taken her such places as Vienna, Austria, Halifax, Nova Scotia and Greece! It may not be a full time job but it’s the most incredible and rewarding hobby she can possibly imagine.

Workshops:                                        Ball Review:                            Ball:
Morning:   10:30 - Noon                   3:00 PM                                 Grand March 7:00 PM
Afternoon:  1:30 - 3:00                     YLI 1400 27th St.                CLARA
YLI 1400 27th St.                                (Corner of 27th & N )        2420 N St.
(Corner of 27th & N)                         Sacramento, CA                   Sacramento, CA
Sacramento, CA                                                                                       ___________________________________________________________________________                                                                  Ball Review Party
            Saturday May 20, 2017 - 3:30 PM at YLI, 1400 27th (27th & N) Sacramento

Sacramento  RSCDS  Branch
Spring Workshop and Ball
WITH Marjorie McLaughlin
Saturday , May 20, 2017

Ball Program

It's Nae Bother 6x32J2/3cpl set RSCDS 2nd Graded Bk/13
A Reel for Alice 5x32R5cpl set Goldring
Ann of Scotia 8x32S3 World Wide Weavings/1 
Wandering Wallaby 4x32J4 RSCDS Bk 50/7
Wisp of Thistle  8x3S3 RSCDS BK 37/4
Starlight 8x32R3 RSCDS Bk 44/1
** ** **
Jig to the Music 3x32J3cpl set 2nd Graded Bk/7
1314 M(S64+R64)sq set  Drewry, Rondel Bk
Dancing Spirit 8x32J3 RSCDS Bk 50/11
Cape Town Wedding 8x32S3 RSCDS Bk39/4
The Reel of the 51st Division 8x32R3 RSCDS 13/10
** ** **
Light and Airy 8x32J3 RSCDS Bk4/5
Joy's Undulations 8x32S3 World Wide Weavings/8
Corn Rigs 8x32R2 RSCDS BK4/12
Midsummer Common 8x32S3 RSCDS Bk49/3
The De'il Amang the Tailors 8x32R3 RSCDS Bk14/7

Waltz/ Polka


Dance Diagrams:

Ball Mini Crib

Dance Descriptions

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