What is Scottish Country Dancing?

Scottish Country Dancing is the traditional ballroom dancing of Scotland. Scottish Country Dancing had been popular in Scotland from the 1700's until the early 1900's. By then, the dance traditions had deteriorated and the dance was fading from popularity. The Scottish Country Dance Society was formed in 1923 to rescue the dance and preserve the traditions of Scottish Country Dancing. A more detailed history of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society appears on the Scottish Country Dance History Page.

Scottish Country Dancing is an exciting and wonderful dance form, danced to fiddle, accordion, piano and other instruments. The dances are done in sets with 3 to 5 couples. Please come and join the dance, enjoy the music and the flashing colours of the tartan. A partner is not required to attend a class. 

Check the Classes Schedule Page for class times and location. The Scottish Step Dancing page has more information and history.